8 Ways To Increase Landing Page Conversions

How is your Landing Page Conversion Rate?

Are your opt-in pages converting? In this article, I’m going to give you 8 tips for higher converting landing pages.

Regardless of how well your landing pages convert, I’m sure you’ll agree, if you can get them to convert at a higher rate, that would be a good thing, right?

To achieve conversion, it is first vital that your website gets a sufficient amount of targeted traffic. And to ensure that you are able to convert potential visitors into a subscriber/customer, your Landing Pages must persuade visitors to click your Call To Action (CTA).



The 4 Core Elements of a Landing Page

  1. The Main Statement – Also known as the Headline, this is the very first thing that a site visitor will see or read. Usually BIG, BOLD Text that captures their attention. It is critical that this statement describes what the visitor will get when they take action and is strong enough to let the visitor know that they are in the right place and that what you are offering solves a specific problem or need they have. As an option, you may include a “sub-headline”, but only if it modifies or further explains the headline.
  2. Hero Shot – The hero shot is the visual representation of your offer or product. It gives the site visitor a better understanding of what your product is and what is looks like. It further explains what they will get when they purchase or when they subscribe. These are typically images, videos and even GIFs.
  3. Social Proof – Social proof is about trust and assurance to the customers that the product is good. It is tghe use of social signals or testimonials to illustrate that other people have purchased your product or subscribed to your free offer and were glad that they did.
  4. Call To Action – (CTA) This is the most important part of a landing page. Without it you will have ZERO conversions. These are clickable buttons that perform an action or that lead to a different web page will additional information that asks the visitor to take some kind of action. (Buy Now, Learn More, Subscribe Now)

One key to high converting optin pages is to test, adjust and repeat the process.

How to Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

  1. Landing Page Design. By simply tweaking your Landing page design, the response of your visitors may be different this time. You may see better results than your previous page. In short, the updated one is more effective than the old one. To determine which one is better is to use A/B testing. Use the design with higher result as your main page.
  2. Landing Page Copy. Create a copy of your landing page with an added feature like testimonial, or adding your best product highlighting its distinctive value. Experimenting with your copy in different version can help you determine which marketing campaign provides better conversion rate. Along with your Google Analytics, you will know which page is getting longer average time per visit.
  3. CTA or Call To Action. Call to Action helps lure visitors to buy your product. Therefore, always add CTA or Call to Action on your landing pages. Make sure to consider the position of your CTA, the color of the button, etc… because these features are also a strong influence on your visitor’s decision making to “click” the buy button. Don’t forget, always test, adjust and repeat the process to ensure that you’ll be able to convert visitors into a potential client.
  4. Using Responsive Design for Your Website. Today, more than 50% of website visits are coming from mobile devices. So if your website is not using Responsive Design, then you are already missing a lot. Even with excellent landing pages, you may not probably see improvement on your conversion rate. Remember that customers that are unsatisfied during their first visit will unlikely visit your site again. So stop losing any more customers and update your website with Responsive Design.
  5. Easy To Follow Visitor Checkout Process. Now that your customer is ready to buy your product, ensure that you have an easy-to-follow checkout process, otherwise, they might end up leaving your page. Another customer gone! Make your Visitor Checkout Process simple and easy to use.
  6. Up-sell One-Click Button. You might want to consider putting an Up-sell button on your website. You’ll never know when customers would like an upgrade or buy an additional product. This may not increase your conversion rate but it sure will double your revenue.
  7. Live Chat Button. Adding a live chat button on your website allows you to immediately know what your visitors need. That said, you are able to respond to them right away which is what every customers want – fast answers to their queries. Live chats are great factor in closing a “sale.”
  8. Retargeting Campaigns. If you have the  budget, I suggest you implement a Retargeting Campaign. They are very effective, if implemented correctly.

By simply applying these ideas to your marketing campaigns, you will surely see great improvements on your conversion rate very soon. So start using them now and enjoy bigger sale.


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